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A – decoration coaching consultancy visit – makeover

In a home consultancy visit to give your interior a makeover, whatever the size and nature of your project, my first task is to listen to you, so that I get an idea of your tastes and what you are looking for.

Through my questions and the analysis of your replies, my aim is to help you create a unique interior based on your own personality and dreams by imbuing myself in your "living area".

Depending on what you want, my approach will also include the association of colours, materials, forms, volumes and choice of lighting, in order to harmonise the most subtle styles.
My set fee includes all kinds of questions you may have, and covers any type of room, without any limit as to size.

These may mainly be to do with:

  • The choice and harmonisation of colours and their possible association with other materials.
  • Suggestions for the fabrics of net and double curtains, or various types of shutters and shades.
  • Suggestions for floor coverings (parquet, tiles, carpeting, mosaics, rugs, etc.)
  • Suggestions for suitable lighting (lamps, wall lights, ceiling lights, LED lighting, etc.) which will set off existing volumes or future layouts.
  • Possibilities for demolishing walls (load-bearing or otherwise) to create a more effective interior layout – a larger, warmer or lighter space for a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and so on.
  • Your future layout for a living room, bathroom, bedroom (with or without a dressing room), kitchen, etc.
  • The rearrangement of existing furniture in your home.
  • The rearrangement of existing furniture in your home.
  • Solutions for technical problems, like the addition of a fireplace, the creation of a bathroom and its connections, the layout of an open kitchen leading into the living room, the demolition of walls (are they load-bearing or not?), various possibilities for converting an attic or adding an extension to your house, right through to filing a building permit +
  • Working on the space, organisation and ergonomics of your house

Naturally, this list is not exhaustive!


On the basis of our conversation, I will propose some ideas for the ambiance and do some freehand perspective drawings to help you visualise your project, factoring in your requirements, furniture and budget (if you have already decided on one).

At the end of our meeting, with the drawings I have done for you, we formalise the modifications and improvements in writing, together with the colour references, materials, forms, type of lighting, furnishings and websites where you can find the products we have talked about.

I would just mention that my trip to your house does not necessarily imply the renovation work service, but if you wish, I can get estimates from different firms for any work you have in mind, and supervise the alterations right through to their completion.

All estimates are free. I will then make the various qualified firms compete in order to negotiate the best price for you.

B – Decoration / shopping coaching

If you are short of time or ideas and don't know which stores to go to, the half- or full-day Shopping service involves professional assistance in the shops to help you choose materials, furnishing, lighting, decorative accessories, coverings, etc.

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C – decoration coaching: supervising alteration work

Once your project is finalised after my first visit, I can provide individual supervision for the alterations, if you wish.

Based on the concept of your future layout, it is important to carry out a check with a qualified professional, which will be free.
During this visit, we will discuss the right technical choices depending on the content and timeframe of the work involved.

To reduce your expenditure, I can give you the advantage of my professional discounts (10% to 25 %) with numerous companies.
The estimates from the firms we apply to will thus only involve the installation of the equipment, not provision and installation.

In every case, I will apply to at least two firms for your work, whose estimates should enable us to make a financial comparison for the various services.
If the estimate turns out to be more than the sum you have earmarked, I can submit other ideas to reduce the cost of work while preserving the overall aesthetic of the project, and apply to another firm in order to obtain an additional detailed estimate that reflects your available budget.
Of course, nothing will prevent us from talking to the two previous companies.

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Once you have decided on one of the companies approached, I will draw up a work schedule with the dates for the various "items" to be carried out by the firm, and the latter will sign a document in three original copies (one for you, one for me and one for the firm).

This document is legally binding as regards a final completion date for the work.

D - set fees

ОPayment is made on the same day at the end of our conversation at your home.
Travel expenses are included for each of the services chosen.


It would hardly be realistic to visit your house, listen to your various requests, exchange ideas, pinpoint the "snags" regarding your house and after an analysis, give practical shape to your project, all in the space of an hour.

So there are no unpleasant surprises with extra time added to fees, or a project delivered a week later: my fees involve no time limit, and you get the answers and perspective drawings the same day, together with the colour/ material combinations.

Département 75 150 €
Département 77-93-94 180 €
Département 78-91-92-95 200 €

Please ask me as regards other départements.


Département 75 210 €
Département 77-93-94 240 €
Département 78-91-92-95 260 €

Please ask me as regards other départements.


For the comprehensive supervision of alterations through to their completion, my fees are 10% to 14% (to be decided according to the complexity of the work) of the cost excluding VAT of your work, after the "decoration coaching" fee has been deducted.

In this respect, I take care of the following:

  • Approaching the firms; checking the services and quantities involved with you
  • Drawing up a schedule for the work (including late penalties)
  • Supervising the work through to its completion
  • Checking accounts for the work, for payment according to the progress of the work.
  • Final acceptance of the work, with a report regarding the "lifting of reservations"

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If you have any queries, please visit the Decoration Coaching + "frequently asked questions" section.


E – additional services

Survey plan +

Working drawing +

3D computer-generated images +

Shopping/Decoration Coaching +

Colour chart +

Mood board +

Building permit +