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Home staging

Do you want to bring out the best in your property, but need practical solutions and advice?

Like any owner, you are looking for a way to speed up the sale of your property while substantially increasing its price.

Conversely, numerous buyers seeking a future home are extremely demanding, because it is difficult to imagine themselves in a place and appropriate it is too cluttered, personalised or distinctive, or if too many alterations or repairs are required.

It is crucial to increase your chances of making an impression that "speaks" to a buyer, because a property purchase is purely emotional.

Numerous studies have shown that 90% of property purchases are made when buyers "fall in love" – and this usually happens within two minutes of seeing the place!


It consist of a service within everyone's budget. The idea is not to "knock it all down" and start again, but to reveal the property's selling potential and strong points, and optimise them by creating a new ambiance with the existing material, thus giving future buyers the feeling they would like to live there.

I would just mention the fact that the Home Staging consultancy visit does not necessarily involve getting a company in to carry out renovation work, or having to buy furniture and accessories.

A minimum investment for maximum results!

Home Staging Paris


A – first visit check list

When you live in a place every day, you know it so well that you no longer notice the little details that would make all the difference to a possible buyer.

So how can you know if your property will appeal to visitors?

When I visit your home for the first time, my job is to explore and analyse each room, including the outside if need be, with the neutral eye of your first buyer.

Through a personalised approach, discussions and on the basis of our different observations, we make a list of the positive and negative points. I will then give you a whole range of suggestions for creating a warm and contemporary ambiance, illustrated with a few perspective sketches, and will go over with you all the strong points that need to be highlighted, and the weak points to be minimised, with a single goal:

To prepare your house or flat for sale by increasing its value, and thus encourage a desire to purchase in potential buyers. They will find it an immediate advantage, as they will easily be able to imagine themselves in the place.

The essential approach to enhance your property: Getting it to "speak" to people!

We draw up a list of actions to carry out in chronological order to improve the "appeal factor" of your home. This list is based on the following:
  • The general state and look of your property.
  • Renovation work that seems obligatory.
  • Removing clutter.
  • Depersonalisation.
  • Arranging the existing furniture harmoniously.
  • Creating a sense of space.
  • Colour and light.
  • Existing accessories, and if need be, suggestions for additional accessories, with a shopping list (plants, frames, lighting, candle-holders, cushions, etc.)

To complete my visit, we draw up a list of actions to be carried out. We highlight the different ideas regarding the strong points of your house; we take a look at the minor renovation work, and if need be any retouches of paint, in line with the colour references. To end with, we think about the type of ambiance we could create, and make a list of accessories that will give that extra something to your home.

It would hardly be realistic to visit your house, listen to your various requests, exchange ideas, pinpoint the "snags" about your house and after an analysis, give practical shape to your project, all in the space of an hour.

This is why my set fees involve no time limit. A single consultation and a productive conversation, so you can totally relax while we discuss every aspect.

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B – A Little embellishment work? Supervising the project

Think in terms of a minimum investment for maximum results!

Many owners don't want to make any investment in a property they are selling and thus no longer be living in.
This is understandable, but it's a mistake!

Think what you do when you want to buy a car.

Would you buy a vehicle that it is that is not in good running order, is not very clean, has a side mirror missing, a dented wing or a headlight that doesn't work?
If this did happen to be the case, you would seize the opportunity to ask the seller to give you a substantial reduction – generally more than the actual cost of repairing the vehicle.

The same goes for your house, and this is normal because it suffers the ravages of time: yellowing paint, blistered paint in the bathroom, faded wallpaper, a kitchen that has "seen a lot of action", PVC floor covering in bad condition, and so on. The reduction demanded by a buyer will always be more than the amount needed to get everything up to standard.

A property in a generally mediocre state will put visitors off, because it's a mistake to think they will want to launch into DIY or alterations after they have bought it. For a sum even a little higher than the asking price of your house, they will be sure to aim for a home they can immediately move into.

This is why it is sometimes a good idea to invest in a little renovation work (paint, mainly – and we would take the opportunity to think about colours), which will bring about the necessary improvements while energising your sale at little cost.

As a general rule, the overall budget you should allocate to "home staging" is roughly 3% to 5% of the property's total value. So a minimum amount of work could help you sell your house without any haggling.

If you decide to carry out some work based on my suggestions, I will be there to help you in the following ways:

  • Decide with you which work seems essential to get the best return on investment.
  • If you want to do the work yourself, I can organise your project and advise you in your choices.
  • If you don't want to do the work yourself, I can approach various qualified firms for you, making them compete to get the best prices. These estimates are free

With a Home Staging service, the maximum length of the project should not exceed two weeks.
Whether the work is done by you or a firm, I will come to your house to provide all the relevant information for the work to be carried out, and check on its compliance.
We can also use these visits to keep up to date on the progress of actions completed, and draw up a detailed list of remaining points in order to make the necessary readjustments.

To ensure that the work is completed within the deadline, if you are using a firm I will draw up a work schedule with the dates for the various "items" to be carried out, and I will make the firm sign a document in three original copies (one for you, one for me and one for them).

This document will be legally binding, with a set date for the work to be completed.

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C – The "shopping" service


If you are short of time or ideas and don't know which stores to go to, the half-day shopping service involves professional assistance in the shops to help you choose

If some of the purchases involved are "building" items, like changing the flooring in a corridor or the carpet in a bedroom, I can get you numerous discounts ranging from 10% to 25%, thanks to the professional rates I get with various firms. You can then make your purchases directly without any middlemen.

With a « Home Staging », service, in order to reduce the cost of accessories and furniture to a minimum, I tend to choose mass distribution brands like Ikea, Alinéa, Fly, etc.

Does investing in a few objects to accessorise the staging and ambiance of your home seem unnecessary?
These purchases for embellishing your interior are not wasted, because don't forget, once you have sold your house, you can take them with you to your new home.

Half a day is ample for buying these "staging" accessories.


D – Staging your interior

Once all actions we defined together at our first meeting have been carried out, I will come to your home to organise the staging of your interior, using the furniture and accessories already there, or those you have meanwhile acquired.

Let's make your home really "say something"!

I will endeavour to optimise your furniture layout, review the space and the lighting, and rearrange or integrate the new accessories we chose together during our first conversation.
All these decisive details will be laid out so as to attract visitors' attention to the strong points of your property.

Creating the general ambiance of your home in meticulous detail is normally carried out on a Saturday, and takes a whole day.

Your guarantee of satisfaction!

To ensure your total peace of mind as regards this new layout, if for any reason it is not finished, I will come back the next day until the final result is achieved, at no extra cost.

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E – Staging your exterior

A house with a pretty, well-kept garden creates a general impression that invariably adds that extra something to your home!

For several years now, I have also been creating Japanese gardens for some of my clients (inside or outside).

You can take a look at my Japanese garden +

Using the same staging approach as for your interior, we start by looking at the outside of your house in order to create a link with the "living area" that goes well with your garden.

We will need to take general stock of the outside of your house, and assess its environment. We will need to take into account the relief and nature of the terrain, the existing plants and the view that greets you (for example, if the only view from your living room looks out onto a high voltage line, it will be essential to mitigate this "obstruction" with a skilful device to distract the eye.

On this basis, we draw up an action plan to give more harmony to your garden and the outside areas.

I can then define with you the type of plants or decorative elements we could use (such as trellising, which is not expensive and creates a really attractive effect). For example, how to hide a dilapidated gable; how to conceal a lawn in very bad state; how to create a simple pathway from the gate to the front door, if there is none; maybe create an island of greenery in the interior to enhance the view of your garden through the windows of your living room, and so on. All this has one goal:

To sell your house more easily!

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F – sale photos

Whatever you decide on – advertisements, an estate agent or a website – people will first see your house through photos.

So it is important to know how to "stage" each room in your house, including the exterior if need be, to make people really want to buy your house at first glance. Nothing is less appealing than a badly-taken photo, which is out of focus, dull, taken against the light and emphasises the negative rather than the positive points.
Attractive photos of your interior, correctly accessorised and worthy of an interior design magazine, are the best way to maximise opportunities for a visit!
After my work on enhancing your home, I can take a series of photos of each room, if you wish. You can then use them as you like.

These photos in .JPG and .BMP format (high definition) will be given to you on a CD-ROM.


G – set fees

These set fees include travel to all the départements in the Paris region. So there are no unpleasant surprises with extra time added to fees. Feel free to phone me or contact me by email + for all other départements

Office tel.: 01 64 02 38 48
Mobile: 06 68 95 11 11


1 – A visit to your home to analyse your living space, when we together draw up a list of actions to be carried out.

2 – The visits to your home required to supervise the work; various suggestions for the proper performance of the various actions decided together; drawing up a contractual, signed schedule when the work is carried out by a firm.

3 – Shopping assistance for half a day to help you choose your accessories.

4 – A complete day on a Saturday to "stage" your home.

5 – A session to take photos of the "staged" and accessorised rooms for sale advertisements is provided free.

Home Staging interior set fee:                                1500 € TTC


1 – A visit to your home to analyse your living space, when we together draw up a list of actions to be carried out.

2 – The visits to your home required to supervise work;
various suggestions for the proper performance of the various actions decided together;
drawing up a contractual, signed schedule when the work is carried out by a firm.

3 – Shopping assistance for half a day to help you choose your accessories.

4 – A day and a half (Saturday and Sunday morning) to "stage" your home (one day) and your garden (half the next day).

5 – A session to take photos of the "staged", accessorised rooms and your garden for sale advertisements is provided free.

Home Staging interior and exterior set fee:                    2000 € TTC

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If you have any queries, please visit the Home Staging + "frequently asked questions" section.


H – additional services

Survey plan +

Working drawing +

3D computer-generated images +

Building permit +