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Interior Design

As an interior designer, my job is to bring out the best in the spaces I design, in keeping with your style and budget.

Whether your project is large- or small-scale, I listen carefully in order to understand your requirements, wishes and dreams. When I come to see the future project for the first time (this visit is free), I pinpoint the potential of your current or future property, and give you a verbal description of the various design solutions, depending on your wishes and the spaces involved.

The various tasks described below can be carried out independently or as a package.


The preliminary project

The first task is to define the concepts for the design and layout of the spaces.
According to the budget you decide on, I conceptualise and define the broad lines of the project with one or two plans on a scale of 1/50°, i.e. 2 centimetres per metre.
If you don't have the plans for your property, I carry out a survey report.

Architecture intérieure moderne


The project

Once you have made a final decision and we have defined the alterations programme together, fine-tuning your requirements and wishes, I move on to the second phase, where I draw each plan, section and elevation on a scale of 1/20° (5 centimetres per metre).
These working drawings indicate all the materials, colours, product brands desired (or similar) and measurements, and all the technical diagrams and indications required for carrying the project through.
At the same time, I draw up a quantitative description of the materials to be used in your work and launch an invitation to tender with the different trade firms involved, to get estimates for the work.
If you wish, I can also create (click site) computer-generated images + for you ,so that you can visualise your future project.


Supervising the work

The final phase consists of drawing up a schedule for each separate trade, and supervising and coordinating the work, with weekly site meetings, a report of which will be provided to you, until the work is completed to your satisfaction.
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Architect, interior designer, project manager based in Paris



For a comprehensive interior designer project including the various phases mentioned above, my fees are somewhere between 10% and 14 % of the price excluding VAT of the work, depending on the area involved, the complexity of the volumes and any additional studies required.
Fees can be set at a flat rate depending on the various assignments.

To find out more about the tasks of an interior designer, you can find all the descriptions of the various phases of a project at this link +