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The Decoration Coaching + shopping service, lasting one day, involves assistance in the showrooms I select according to the ambiance, style and budget you have decided on.

To offer you a wider selection in your choices, my firm has a large library of catalogues and literature from suppliers and publishers. You can find highly original products which can only be viewed in professional trade fairs staged throughout Europe, and are only distributed commercially through "interior designer" specifiers.

Depending on the brands, I can get you professional discounts of 5% to 15%, and obtain free delivery for certain products. With furniture, assembly and the removal of packing materials are included.

Coach Deco

If you live in an apartment on the third floor without a lift, and are planning to redo all the floors in parquet, you will understand the advantage of home delivery with an order of 100 m² of parquet, weighing over 670 kg in all.

The choice of furniture is always very delicate, because it is imbued with your personality.

Different ambiances can dramatically change your living environment.

• Clean and simple, where a few selected designer objects are highlighted like works of art.
• Contemporary, giving a powerful impression of comfort, by judicious play with the colour of the wall paint, curtains, cushions and lighting.
• Soft and romantic, where mother-of-pearl colours enhance the desired mood.
• Exotic, consisting of natural materials, with a few touches of lively colour to set
• Subtle, with a mischievous combination of contemporary and baroque styles.

To make your project a success, the real difference lies in the details !



During my first visit for a « Home Staging + », service, I can point out various things that are lacking in your interior, and suggest buying various accessories that will really set off your home.

For example, one or two plants with matching plant-holders will create a living space; a few colourful cushions on the sofa will add a touch of appealing comfort; setting out a few framed black and white photos will cheer up an empty, impersonal corridor; changing the lighting in your bedroom by replacing an old ceiling light with two small lamps with shades that harmonise with your bedspread will create a warmer atmosphere – simple ideas that make all the difference!

If you are short of time or ideas and don't know which stores to go to, the half-day shopping service involves professional assistance in the shops to help you choose.

Coach Déco

If some of the purchases involved are "finishing" items, like changing the flooring in a corridor or the carpet in a bedroom, I can get you numerous discounts ranging from 5% to 15%, thanks to the professional rates I get with various companies.
You can then make your purchases directly without any middlemen.
This work can then be carried out by you, or, if you like, I can apply to a qualified firm which will give you entire satisfaction.

If you make your purchases using my professional discounts, and a firm carries out the work, the estimate will only involve installation, and the price will thus be reduced by at least 15% to 20%.

With a Home Staging + service, in order to reduce the cost of accessories and furniture to a minimum, I tend to choose mass distribution brands like Ikea, Alinéa, Fly, etc.

Accessorisation is not a futile action, because don't forget, once you have sold your house, you can take the items with you to your new home… which will give us some ideas for creating your new ambiance!



These set fees include travel to all the départements in the Ile de France.


One whole weekday from Monday to Friday 300 €
Half-day – on Saturday 350 €


Half a weekday from Monday to Friday 200 €
Half-day – on Saturday 250 €