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А. Color : atmosphere and emotion creator

Throughout the world, colors are at the heart of culture symbolism.
The importance given by mankind to color is said to date back to prehistory, even though man’s behavior was governed by daylight.

Therefore, the colors of the sun (yellow) and the night (dark-blue) were major points of references.

Most living beings, somehow, seem to be stimulated by red and orange and yellow tints of daytime and calmed by blue and indigo and purple tints of nighttime.

For all time, medicine admitted physiological and psychological effects of colors.

Recent disciplines are devoted to study color effects on our moods : chromo therapy focuses on the energy released by color wavelength; and chromatherapy is based on Chinese medicine principles.

Different powerful colors will show off !

Planche couleurs


B – What is said about the color effects ?


It is the main ally of interior decoration : it brings light and serenity to space. It gives the space an impression of being larger/bigger/wider as well as an appeased and serene tone. It also has the quality to bring out/highlight other colors and objects.


This color evoking space, calms down and appeases. It brings a feeling of confidence and security. It is also said that he can furthers creativity which makes it a good choice for an office or a private study room, especially if it is a pale blue.


Pink fights stress, pessimism, worry. However, it is not advised in a quiet room as it can act as a stimulant.


Light, joyful and stimulating, yellow tones up mind, furthers concentration, helps memory, judgment and decision makings. Therefore it may be a color to consider for an assembly room as yellow helps receiving new ideas as well as understanding different points of view ! It encourages optimism.


Linked to nature, green is synonymous with balance and revival. It has positive effects on nervous system/brain. It is a completely anti-stress color and enables to relax better.


Being the ultimate stimulating color, red is the color with the biggest impact on organism. It stimulates senses, activates blood circulation, tones up, etc. As it acts as a stimulant, red is not advised to impatient or tensed people.


It must be used in moderation as it evokes a tragic event or sadness, at least in the Western culture. Depressed people must refrain!. Judiciously applied, it will bring a rich hint, symbolizing power, money.


It is another color linked to joy. It frees emotions, curbs depressive effects and gets mood back. Even its paler tints (peach, apricot, etc.) are beneficial. Actually, orange combines yellow and red effects. It is also said that orange tones up the immune system and furthers digestion.


It varies according to the quantities of blue and red composing it (plum, mauve, lilac, crimson purple, …). Purple tends to enlarge a room. It can be either in a living-room (plum), a bedroom (light purple), a kitchen (purple with off-white) ora bathroom …


It often gives a welcoming side to a room, rather used in living-rooms and associated with paler tints.

Planche couleurs

Questions ? Works in preparation ?
You have your own reaction to colors. It just needs to be kept in mind. I am at your service to help you making enlightened and objective choices, whatever your project be.

We will define with you the choices of colors according to the different stands.
Collaborate with a professional painter for his know-how (choices of colors according to the different stands), for his technical knowledge of materials and products (in continual evolution).