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Computer generated imagery (cgi)

The drafting of your project in 3D can be an important step in its creation and realization. Indeed, 3D images allow you to have a precise idea of your future interior, facilitating decision makings as well as the customization of your new living environment.

First of all, based on the plans that I would have devised for you, I make “blue print” images - a few examples are on this page for information only – which would allow you to visualize the general design of your future planning/adjustments.

images de synthèse, 3D, Architecte intérieur

As you may notice, these images have a brief surface treatment and allow you to situate the future planning/adjustments, their volumes and forms in the different spaces of your house, store or company.

Once you have approved this volumetric study, I pass to CGI which come nearer to photo realism and which allow you to definitely dismiss any bad choice and make your project come true on trust.

Rendu 3D, Architecte intérieur

These images can have multiple utilities. They can help you making a choice on numerous subjects/topics/themes such as : the layout of furniture, the general view from any position/spot of the room, the result of the background for the study of lightings, the general view of the enlargement of perspective of your space thanks to mirror reflections, the visualization of color harmonies and their associations with other materials chosen together or the modification of volumes according to your new demands for your space. This list is not exhaustive. Moreover, these images will be useful to the several businesses in charge, in order to picture the final result of their services.

You can be unworried on the outcome/completion of your project as once finished it will correspond exactly to the CGI.

Depending on the complexity of the adjustments, contract rates to be defined.

A small investment for a perfect success of your project !