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Inspection of technical conditions of the premises

The inventory of fixtures is aiming at obtaining precise plans of your property/the survey of your property is aiming at obtaining precise plans of your real estate.

This inventory/survey would/will enable us to know exactly the surface of your property as well as the dimensions of the different constituent works regarding future changes or donation.

А – Inventory of fixtures

The inventory of fixtures will be a good foundation to rely on for the creation of your working plan and will enable all the contractors to control the surfaces and the supplied quantities of material(s) to achieve/fulfill the estimates.
The inventory of fixtures can also allow you to control if the declared surface to the IRS matches reality, otherwise you can benefit a tax cut.

Several phases appear in the making of an inventory of fixtures:

  • Taking of all the measurements/measures on-site
  • Computerization of the information
  • Checking visit (if necessary)
  • Handing out of the inventory of fixtures

Once the measurements of your propriety done and data entry realized, I give you a file as well as a CD-ROM which includes PDFs of your inventory of fixtures.

Etat des lieux

B - Definition of the study

The different plans will be given according to the definition of the study :

  • Inventory of fixtures of the floor(s) of your property with 3D scaling
  • One or two elevation cross-sections depending on the complexity of your property
  • All the façades

Additional information or plans can/could be handed out according to the chosen study which includes :

  • A surface table of levels
  • A descriptive recap of the joineries (types and measurements)
  • A surface table of façades
  • A 3D model of your property


They are calculated according to the complexity and the surface of the property and according to the requested service.

Contract rates are to be defined on-site after the first visit.