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I will propose you several choices of planning with scale plans. Once your choice is done, we will initiate the phase of work execution plans which are needed for a perfect realization.

We have to look minutely every point of the planning in order to make potential changes on the plans before being carried out. Then, you will approve and sign them.

Every technical batch is detailed, so that the company which will carry out the works knows minutely what has to be done and what the other building trades would have to do.

Plan architecte

The plans must define the forms of works, the nature of materials, the choices of colors, the shapes of pieces in all elements and assembling, the frameworks and their layouts altogether in compliance with the technical specifications featured in the marketplace.

For instance, you will check that the spot lights and the plugs are placed according to your desires. You will check that the water inlets are at the right place, that the power and the size of the radiators correspond to what you have chosen. As part of a construction, the color of the outside/external primer/coating, the thickness of the insulating material, the color RAL of the shutters (PVC, wooden, aluminum) or the tiles must be in compliance with the regulations.

Do not hesitate to ask me for explanations concerning certain technical points that you would not have had understood.

The realization of the execution plans can be done on an inclusive basis and is calculated according to the importance of the works.